Management of XTRA GOLD mining limited at Akyem Kwaben in the Atiwa West District of the Eastern Region has confirmed that, the company has deposited an amount of over GHS 1million into the Kwaben Community Bank account, intended to foster developmental projects in the area.

“The Xtra Gold Mining company has been working peacefully in the Kwaben area since 2007 and has always fostered a good working relationship with the community. To this effect, the company agreed to put 1 percent of all gold sales in Kwaben Community Bank account for the benefit of the community to use for social projects”.

This is contained in a press release in response to some allegations made by the chief of Akyem Kwaben, Daasebre Anyimadu Kantamanto II that, the community lacks some basic social ammenities which hitherto should have been the responsibility of the mining company to the community as part of their coorperate social responsibilities.

But, in response to the claims made by the chief, Xtra Gold mining company has indicated that, it currently has an amount of GHS 1 million deposited in the Kwaben Community Bank for the benefit of the community for developmental projects.

In addition, the company has also executed and honoured several MOUs with the recent one signed in 2016 and currently active.The company has also undertaken several physical infrastructural projects such as; construction of a police station, extention of electricity to communities, construction of football fields, tree planting projects and evacuation of some refuse dumps amongst others.

The chief of Akyem Kwaben who also doubles as Okyeman Gyaasehene lamented the company’s neglect to reclaim the mining pits, which are killing inncent people, both old and young.”Our major problem has to do with the deliberate neglect of mining pits that are left unreclaimed by miners, especially the portions of concession that have subletted to some individuals including foreigners, who have constantly refused to honour the invitations of Nananom”. He said.

Responding to this complaint, the mining company through its press release noted that, in an attempt to reclaim the pits, it has corded every existing pit in order to prevent community members especially children from getting closer to the pits.”Over the years, we are aware of a few deaths where individuals have entered our fresh water ponds and swimming pits (the” Ponds”) to unlawfully engage in swimming. XG laments any deaths of its community members, and has implemented several procedures to curtail this unlawfully activities of swimming on ponds. Even though XG was not directly responsible for these deaths, we always made signicant contribution financially towards the burial and funeral, so the families were not financially burdened”. The company stated.

It is worth noticing that, Xtra Gold mining Limited has implemented the tributer mining system (“community mining”) in 2013, which is legal under the Mineral Act. For the record, the government, chiefs and local community members petitioned XG hard to implement the Community Mining in order to increase employment, economic activity and curtail Galamsey mining in the area. This community Mining project has been very successful and has creating signicant economic activity which has improved the quality of lives for many individuals.

Also mining pits are necessary to conduct mining operations, and all these pits will be reclaimed when the gold/ore is depleted; according to the company.


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