WHO: “Covid cases increase in Europe for the first time in months”

“Last week, Europe saw an increase in weekly Covid-19 cases for the first time in months. For weeks I have been talking about this risk and in several countries in Europe, this risk has become a reality: 30 countries have seen an increase in new cumulative cases in the past two weeks. ” To say Hans Kluge, regional director for Europe of the World Health Organization (WHO). 

“In 11 of these countries – he added – accelerated transmission has led to a very significant recovery that, if not controlled, would push health systems back to the brink of crisis. Countries like Poland, Germany, Spain and Israel have reacted quickly the dangerous outbreaks of Covid-19 associated with schools, coal mines and food production environments that have occurred in recent weeks. I congratulate the authorities. And I congratulate the people who follow the spacing measures and wear masks. ” 

“Over 2.5 million cases have been reported in total in the European region – continued Kluge – but if there is a decreasing percentage of global cases compared to the beginning of the year, we continue to have almost 20,000 new cases and over 700 New deaths every day. Globally, with over 9 million confirmed cases and over 400,000 deaths reported to WHO, the pandemic continues to accelerate, with a record number of new coronavirus cases reported on Sunday, 183,020 confirmed in 24 hours. ”  

Kluge then pointed out that we still have spikes of contagion in the first wave in many countries. We are still in the first wave, but we must prepare for autumn, when Covid-19 will face seasonal flu and pneumonia. The virus is still actively circulating, and we do not have specific effective drugs and vaccines. “” This must be done by involving the community – he explained – and if there are problems with adherence to prevention measures, it is necessary to understand what prevents this adherence and where this it happens, intervening in those population groups “. 

For her part, Catherine Smallwood, World Health Organization (WHO) emergency officer in Europe, said that “we are all looking forward to a summer break. The decision of when and where to travel should be made at individual level, based on where you live and where you want to go. In this you have to follow the advice of the health authorities and make wise choices, especially considering who has to travel, if there are vulnerable or elderly subjects “. “There is reliable information on where the virus is most present – the expert continued – on the websites of the national health authorities and on the WHO one. There are still risks associated with coronavirus in many areas of the European region and these risks must be considered, looking after those who travel, where do you start and where do you go. In any case, situations where physical distance cannot be maintained should be avoided. In short, the choice must be individual, wise and based on the advice of health institutions “.  https://it.notizie.yahoo.com/

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