Akufo-Addo is Ghana’s ‘most useless, unproductive’ President – Mahama

“… Nana Addo is the only President who has had the biggest resources in the nation’s history but remains the most useless and unproductive President in our time so far as his achievements are concerned… Currently, our debt has moved from Gh¢120 billion in December 2016 to around Gh¢250 billion in just 3years. Nana Addo has added Gh¢130billion in just 3 years to our national debt, but can not show any single project started and completed by him. With all these monies borrowed, the Nation can’t see any single development in the lives of its citizens, but only for Nana Addo to inflict us again with COVID-19 pandemic through his retroactive leadership style rather than proactive leadership skill.”

The above are the words of National Democratic Congress Communications team Member Godwin Mahama who believes President Akufo-Addo has failed the country inasmuch as the fight against Covid-19 and delivery of promises are concerned.

In Mr. Mahama’s words, “Ghana’s major problem now is Nana Addo and not the Corona Virus” and that it is his “well-considered opinion that, the country’s current state and her suffering from this pandemic are due to Nana Addo’s negligence and bad leadership style”.

Like most opposition activists who hope punching the president will give them mileage as communicators, Mr. Mahama accused the Akufo-Addo government of doing nothing after borrowing so much.

“With all the borrowed monies, No schools, No hospitals, No markets, No aviation facelifts and even the entire expenditure of F.S.H.S is not up to Gh¢10billion for it to be used for a debate to justify the expenditure of their borrowed funds.”

“Nana Addo to still remain heartless and insensitive to inflict the citizens with yet another headache called Corona Virus through your bad and retroactive leadership, then Nana Addo is more Dangerous than the COVID-19 Novel virus the Nation is battling with” he added.

Source: MynewsGh

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